Fountain Pen Restoration

Fountain Pen Restoration In 1946

Popular Science magazines are a great source of information when researching Fountain Pens.  I find them fascinating to read for glimpses back to our culture at any point in time.  In my article How To Make A Sheaffer Touchdown In 1950 (dated February 9, 2011), I published a scan of a 1950 Popular Science article that described the manufacturing of Sheaffer pens in 1950.

Four years previous to that, in April of 1946,  Harold Strand (a prolific Popular Science and Popular Mechanics writer over the years) wrote this article on Home Repairs For Fountain Pens.  Not to be confused with Frank Dubiel’s Fountain Pens – The Complete Guide To Repair And Restoration, or the more current Pen Repair, by Jim Marshall and Laurence Oldfield, or Richard Binder’s Website –, it nonetheless is a simple way to solve some of the minor issues that probably came up in 1946 lever fillers, and still arise today.

In reading through this we need to also remember that lever fillers were relatively new in 1946 compared to today, and the damage not as severe as we see on our workbenches today.

For your reading pleasure….from 1946 ~

Pop Science April 1946

I just wish that it was still true that a simple “twist and a pull” was all it takes to separate the section from the barrel….


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