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Wearever Lady Fair

Way back in May of 2011, I wrote about Sheaffer Lady Skripsert Pens. They are an interesting collectible, easy to clean, restore, use, and it is easy enough to find some of the common variations and patterns. Well, as has been the case since fountain pens came into existence, once a style of pen becomes popular, you can count on someone else to duplicate it.  This is the case of the Sheaffer Skripsert.

At some point Wearever Pens produced a very similar model called the Lady Fair.   Very feminine sounding and clearly directed at the female pen user, as was the Skripsert.

I have come across four examples in orange, pink, maroon, and light blue-green.

 photo DSC_0001_zpsa7465011.jpg

 photo DSC_0002_zpscc43a3ab.jpg

The orange pen, comes in a nice presentation box as well.

 photo DSC_0003_zps2d8717fb.jpg

Apparently there were also sets.  Here is the pink version with a matching pencil.

 photo DSC_0004_zps8c95d5f0.jpg

 photo DSC_0005_zpsf1b88558.jpg


 photo DSC_0008_zps34cb2295.jpg

 photo DSC_0007_zpsadf26924.jpg

Here is a close up of the steel nib.  Nothing to write home about, but Wearever was never focused on high end pens, simply on mass produced, affordable pens.

 photo DSC_0010_zpsa1dc7855.jpg

I do like the clear feed which appears on all of these.

 photo DSC_0013_zps820d6c92.jpg

As with the Sheaffer Skripsert pens, these are cartridge filled, using the proprietary Wearever cartridges.

 photo DSC_0014_zps176a85f5.jpg

Here are two Wearevers surrounding a Sheaffer.  Note the similarities.

 photo DSC_0009_zps650dc644.jpg

Here are two links to December 1958 advertisements from a department store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin showing that these retailed for$1.95 at the time and that they came in the five colors shown above – Plum, Black, Harvest, Aqua, and Shell Pink.

Lady Fair Adverisement

and a few weeks later, the same newspaper and department store advertises (on Christmas Eve) the pens using different, and simpler, names for the colors – Black, Gold, Wine, Pink and Green.

Lady Fair Advertisement II

As with most Wearevers, not the highest quality, and built to fit a lower price point, these Lady Fairs present a small and unique corner of the fountain pen hobby.


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  1. Phil, Thanks for this…I’ve never hear of or seen any of these, and might have overlooked them otherwise. John

    Comment by cigarboxpenstorage | July 22, 2015 | Reply

  2. Really interesting your article, as usual Phil. I only have two of these pens because they are not easy to find in good condition ( no scratches and no painting losses ) . Thanks for sharing all your knowledge.

    Comment by Luiz Leite | July 23, 2015 | Reply

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