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Spors Catalog Desk Sets In 1935

I know that this is a very specific topic with no actual pens to show, but a pen friend of mine asked if I had any pre 1940s Spors Catalogs that might have Desk Sets in them. As I was photographing my 1935 catalog and its Desk Set references for him, I remembered how many comments and questions I get on various Spors pens.

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So, in answer to John’s question and to share some of these pages – here are the various Desk Sets that were marketed by Spors in 1935…

desk set 1 1935 photo DSC_0001_zpsf730afd3.jpg

desk set 2 1935 photo DSC_0002_zps4bcf87d3.jpg

This Boxer Set is very interesting to me and I must admit that I have never seen one.  One of the pens is, of course, one of the trademark glass-nibbed Spors imports.

 photo DSC_0003_zpse9e4a254.jpg

A master marketer, Frank Spors sold not only products, but marketing ideas to his catalog subscribers~

 photo DSC_0004_zpsa9b126a6.jpg

These are all of the sets in the 1935 catalog.  I will do a search of an earlier 1933 catalog as I locate it.


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