Fountain Pen Restoration

Belmont/Rexall and Yankee Cousins

Back on January 27th of this year I wrote about restoring a Yankee Pen, made by a George Kraker Company in Grand Haven, Michigan. The post can be found under the title: A Yankee in Michigan. I just picked the pen up below and it bears a very close resemblance. The clear red top is just a bit wider and brighter, but the chasing, lever, and clip are identical. Both also have the same feed, section and Warranted No. 2 nib. Also, the barrel print type is the same. The only difference is that this pen reads:






The Yankee Pen, covered in the referred post reads:




As you can see from the picture below, this pen came with a severely tarnished clip and lever, as well as a very grimy nib. There was no pressure bar present, so I replaced the j-bar and added a new sac. I spent quite a bit of time and energy on cleaning the lever and clip. I used Simichrome and a Dremel to grind away the initial caked-on grime and then used tooth picks and q-tips to remove the tarnish from the hard to reach areas. The sac remnants were completely removed from the section and a new size 16 sac was cemented to the section. The nib polished up completely and looks new. The nib and feed were inserted into the section and the pen was water tested.

Here is the completed pen with shiny Warranted No. 2 nib. I used a white crayon to highlight the crisp imprint.

I have placed the two pens referred to above next to each other to show the similarity.


I have read that George Kraker still had the contract to produce pens for Rexall when in Michigan and later possibly in Libertyville, IL (refer to my post of February 7, 2008 titled Rexall Monogram). These pens are just another proof of this. I have read that the contract was then taken over by the Moore Pen Company of Boston, MA. Later Belmont pens contain several Moore-like characteristics which back this up.

I will post some of these in later posts.


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  1. Ahoy! I saw a post by you on FPN- I’m in Duluth myself. I am new to fountain pens. After taking hundreds of pages of notes on various PDAs over the last 10 years I started to really like the feel of a pen rather than a stylus.

    Do you know of any places around Duluth that sell fountain pens? Not calligraphy pens, but regular writing. I do have a cheap Sheaffer calligraphy pen I found at Michaels, but the nib is so wide that it is sort of a pain to use. I’d be looking for something cheap, new or used, that I could start learning on before I buy something better.

    I’ve found dip pens and calligraphy pens at Michael’s, and that’s been about it so far. I was surprised to find some dip pens at the downtown Ace Hardware, of all places. But other than that, no dice.

    I’ve found a zillion options online, but just wanted to start learning sooner rather than later…

    Thanks in advance-


    Comment by RevAaron | May 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. I have a large Belmont fountain pen. It is black and white with some brassing and probably 1928. It has 2 gold bands on the cap and the nib is 14K gold. The nib is flexible and writes beautifully. The cap has two top bands in the plastic and the clip is arched with the clip end being a ball shape. Does anyone know anything about it? I have a lot of fountain pens and it is probably a top 10% pen, including my new fountain pens…

    Comment by Lynn Bott | July 13, 2008 | Reply

  3. I seek advice for restoring a Parker Sonnet Slim Ballpoint pen Sterling Silver.The white plastic tube 0.34in.OD failed at the threaded end within the cap.This results in the ballpoint not remaining in extended position for writing.

    Comment by Mike Halloran | May 3, 2009 | Reply

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