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Kimberly Ballpoints 3

Following up on my last post on Kimberly Ballpoints, here is the promised third and final installment . The pens below are a bit different to the other previously cleaned and restored in that they cover three groups of the original Kimberly’s that I have not previously shown ~ Ladies, Gold, and Boxed.

——- * ——-
The following advertisement, featuring New York fashion designer Hattie Carnegie,  is from 1947, and focuses on the ladies version of these pens.


Below are the three pens – a ladies blue, standard black (both with silver bands – 4.95 model), and a 14K gold filled version.  Cleaning involves removing the messy refills which have often clogged up the barrel and cap.  Cleaning the insides and polishing the outsides.   Be careful to not get too aggressive with the 14K wash, as it will begin to rub off with too much polishing.  I recommend maybe a short bath in an ultrasonic cleaner and a gentle rub down with a jewelers cloth.


Finished products below, both closed and posted.  I refill these (as previously mentioned) with carefully trimmed Cross Ballpoint refills.  The blue is probably the brighter blue, marketed as Blue Gabardine in the advertisement above.  Marketed to women was through advertisements such as Ms. Carnegie’s, comparing it to a tube of lipstick, as opposed to the darker more traditional colors, marketed through ads with Humphrey Bogart and Fred McMurray, comparing the pens to cigarettes.



Finally, I have one pen in my collection in its original box and price sticker. This one is the darker green version with the less expensive chrome band and the $4.95 price tag is still visible on the barrel.

 photo DSC_0004-1_zpsd946259a.jpg

My favorite aspect of the box is the cover, which shows some of the brightest (and harder to find) colors available to the model.

 photo DSC_0003-2_zps68729213.jpg

Finally, as an addendum, I recently picked up 5 advertising Pockettes, highlighted and promoting the El Rancho Vegas Hotel.   Interestingly, this was the first Hotel/Casino built on the Las Vegas Strip (1941).  It was destroyed by fire in 1960 and never rebuilt.  Somehow, these survived.   They are another example of how Eversharp used this line of pens – to businesses to promote their product, and to thank clients.   Note that the bottom pen is a bit different in configuration than the others.  It is actually a later model of the original, with a smaller cap ring.

 photo DSC_0005-2_zpse81a2f8d.jpg

This is my third Eversharp Pockette post.  Thank you for allowing me to deviate from the Fountain Pen theme occasionally.  As we hunt for fountain pens, we can’t help but run into their less expensive cousins – cousins that contributed to the Fountain Pen’s demise.


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  1. Hi, I like this article. I just acquired a 14K gold filled version of the Pockette (like the one pictured in the article). Did you use an ultrasonic cleaning machine, or just let it soak in the solution? Also, what type of refill did you use. Thanks!

    Comment by Andrew Kallus | March 7, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi Andrew. Thank you for commenting, and congratulations on your new Kimberly. On the gold filled, I have gently cleaned with a jewelPhilers cloth after a short bath in the u/s cleaner. The plating is thin, so be careful. As for refills, the best is a Cross Ballpoint refill, trimmed to the same size as the old Eversharp ones.

      Comment by PKM | March 7, 2014 | Reply

      • Thanks so much for replying. Did you have to slightly enlarge the the end of the barrel opening to accomodate the cross refill? Thanks, Andrew,

        Comment by Andrew Kallus | March 8, 2014

      • I did not

        Comment by PKM | March 8, 2014

  2. Dear Mr Munson-
    I recently found a Keene fountain pen in excellent condition. Lovely finish, nice large gold band, in the “woodgrain”
    color. It appears to be in excellent condition throughout. The lever box has not “enlarged or spread” as is common and i’ll need some help getting it serviced and finding a suitable clip. Does this interest you,? If so, please contact me @ You were recommended to me at the FPN and I’m hoping for some guidance and and suggestions. This pen really deserves to be correctly conserved and restored to it’s wonderful original state. . Thank you in advance for your kindness. You may also phone me @304.415.3651 if that’s a help. Sorry about the inquiry here but it was all I could find..
    Hal Phillips

    Comment by Hal Phillips | August 2, 2014 | Reply

  3. Hi and thank you for so much info on vintage pens! I have read through all three Kimberly posts you have, but they are mainly about the Pockettes. Do you have any info on refill workarounds for the full-size Kimberly Retractable ballpoint? I have the type that has the end pushbutton open and the clip pushbutton close. Metal fittings with plastic/resin barrel. The original box/info tag says it takes the “Eversharp Kec-54 Kimberly cartridges”, but of course those are not available or viable any longer. I’ve tried PaperMate and Cross ballpoint refills and have come to the conclusion that I will probably have to retrofit something to make this pen work. Any info or ideas?

    Comment by wendyjonesramos | January 7, 2019 | Reply

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