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Mickey Mouse Fountain Pens


This week’s pen comes from a trade with a fellow collector. A while back, I wrote about a Popeye Pen (November 2010), another cartoon character that was popular in the early to mid 1900s.

Below, you can see the pen after I took it apart.  The pressure bar is still in good condition and usable, so I left it in the barrel.  As you can see, the sac had hardened and broke apart as I emptied and cleaned out the barrel.  The section and feed are in good shape, but you can see that most of the gold plate on the nib has faded away.


Cleaning the exterior of these decorated pens is not as easy as a vintage Duofold, as one has to weave around the gold plated clips, levers, and artwork.  I was able to clean out most of the grime and scratches from the black plastic without damaging Mickey, Minnie, or any of the gold plate.  The only casualty was the nib and its washed gold.   Not in the greatest condition, and a relatively cheap nib to begin with, I decided to polish the nib, cleaning out as many of the marks as possible, thereby removing any of the remaining gold plate.  After cleaning, I replaced the nib and feed in the section, and attached a small size 14 sac.  After waiting overnight for the sac cement to rest, I tested the lever mechanism with water and checked for any leaks.   None being found, here is the final product.  Due to the cheap nib, not the greatest writer, I will leave it to the final owner to decide whether to grind the nib a bit to smooth it out.


It measures 5 3/16 inches closed and 6 3/8 inches posted


There are three pictures under the cap ring – two of Mickey and one of Minnie.   Below is one of the Mickey’s.


Below is the barrel decal of Mickey, just above the Walt Disney lever.


Inkograph Pen Company manufactured these in the mid- 1930s.  They are perhaps best known to collectors for their stylographic pens.   I do not own an advertisement for any of the Disney pens produced by them, so can not show them here, but they are readily available to view on the web.  The price that I have seen for these is $1.00 in the advertisements.  At the same time that this pen was produced, Inkograph also had a Mickey Mouse fountain pen and pencil set with Mickey Head and Ears on the top of the cap and a visualated barrel for ink viewing, called an Ink D Cator by Inkograph.  These, more rare in good condition, were referred to in advertising as Style 53, and my pen was referred to as Style 52.


A nice crisp clip imprint ~


The nib, an unimpressive steel one, with no tipping material, once had gold plating.  The imprint is a nice one, though.


The last two photos are combining this pen, with some recent Disney pens.  As a father of three, I have not avoided Disney, and picked up one or two on each visit.  I was surprised that they still had a fountain pen.



Keep an eye out for these if you are interested.  There are numerous recent pens, including fountain pens.   You will also note that Ingersoll made a Disney Pen, after the Inkograph versions, though I have not seen one of these in person.


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  1. Reblogged this on G. Allen Clark – Writer and commented:
    The Mouse lives. Funny, I never thought of Micky Mouse as being a favorite collectable pen, but I can see where it could be. Great post.

    Comment by G. Allen Clark | May 28, 2012 | Reply

  2. Joseph Wallace, founder and president of Inkograph, was granted a patent for the image attachement method used on the cap of this pen. For those who are interested in such details, the patent was applied for in 1935 and granted in 1938 as patent number 2,111,518. The patent document, with drawings, can be seen at:

    Comment by L. Allin | June 2, 2012 | Reply

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  4. i have the pin with mickey head on the top

    Comment by jim | May 28, 2013 | Reply

  5. Where can you buy the mickey mouse red and black head fountain pen and ball roller pen.

    Comment by Sandra Baca | April 13, 2016 | Reply

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