Fountain Pen Restoration

Artcraft Financial Certificate

My friend Rodrigo, from Argentina, who sent me the Artcraft Advertisement that is the subject of my post of  September 26, 2011, once again generously surprised me with another piece of Artcraft ephemera – a 1940s-1950s Artcraft Bearer Bond.


You can see from the dates that Artcraft was a going concern during these dates.  I am uncertain if this drawing is of an actual Artcraft building, but think there is a chance that this was a 1950s version of the Company that started in the late 1920s in Birmingham, Alabama, only to up and move to Argentina in the mid 1930s.

I would also think that this certificate (translation = Bearer Bond) was issued during the period that these pens (restored in my post of June 23, 2011 – Artcraft in Argentina) were produced.  Actually, I think the top pen would be more likely to have been produced in this period.



Another small piece of the Artcraft international story. Thank you, Rodrigo!


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