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Wilson Fountain Pens III

This is the third installment of information about Wilson Fountain Pens (India). My first post was dated February 9, 2009, titled Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery. The second, Wilson Fountain Pen Advertising, was dated July 20, 2009. I was originally interested in this pen as it was a very good copy of the successful Parker Pen from the 30s and 40s, the Vacumatic.

In my post of February 9, 2009 I mentioned that Wilson moved to Andheri in 1945, and it appears by this postmark that they (Dhiraj Pen Manufacturing Co.) were located there in 1960.  I had surmised that my pen was from the 1940 and it appears that this pen was still either in production, or being sold, as late as 1960, when this envelope was mailed in 1960.


Unfortunately, the envelope that I found was empty, and I do not know what Dhiraj and De Sanno and Son were corresponding about.


No restoration this week, but another piece of the Wilson Pen (The Universal Favorite) puzzle.  In the last few years I have had several inquiries based on the two articles above, and I hope this little bit of ephemera helps add to the collective research.



Any further information on the Wilson line of pens would be appreciated.

Edit 10/15/11~ David Isaacson has allowed me to share the following photo, which is another interesting piece of Wilson ephemera.  A thread regarding these pens appears here.


10-12-13 Edit:  An outstanding piece, written by Purvi Sanghvi, a relative of the founders of Wilson Pens, can be found here.  It details some of the history of Wilson Pens!


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