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I had just read that there was going to be a Sheaffer Museum opening up in Fort Madison, IA in the near future.   About the same day that I heard this, a package arrived in the mail…

I had not ordered any pens, and Christmas shopping is several weeks in the past, so I was wondering what it was.  I opened the package under the watchful eyes of my three daughters, all hopeful it was some lost Christmas goodie I had forgotten about and had been lost in the mail.

I opened the box to a pleasant surprise!  Inside was nice handwritten note from Sam of Pendemonium, located in Fort Madison, the former home of Sheaffer.  She had acquired a large collection of pens and assorted “stuff”, including good old wooden pencils (remember them?).  And she thought that she would separate them out and she sent me the Minnesota ones.  Knowing that I like the history of Writing “Stuff” as much as restoring them and using them, she sent me a gold mine.

Now I am looking forward to researching the various imprints.  And believe it or not, one has the name of one of my wife’s relatives.


With the Sheaffer Museum opening sometime in the future and a great Store like Pendemonium in Fort Madison, we may have to make a family car trip this summer.

Thanks again, Sam for you kindness and generosity…

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