Fountain Pen Restoration

Hintz Fountain Pens Part II

I have to apologize for not documenting a restoration in the past two weeks, but I have been traveling around the Country for my job over the past month and have had no time to spend on the workbench. My box of pens that need work is full, but only being home on weekends has taken its toll on the repair queue. I did run across a cool post card recently that I would like to share, however.

If you remember, I restored a Hintz Pen and summarized the restoration in an article dated October 5, 2009. (Link)

In the article, you will see marketing materials that target Birthday’s and Christmas as occasions for buying a $1.00 (and up) fountain pen for your friends or family.

Those cards featured flowery nature scenes.  This card is very interesting in comparison.  It is presumably from a similar time period, as the Christmas sale pitch, address and price are the same.  However, the White House photo is far more interesting to me, even if there is no mention of the landmark on the reverse of the card.

Just for fun, here is a photo of the White House as it appears today.  Not a whole lot has changed over the past one hundred years, at least to the architecture of the President’s home.


Even if you find yourself away from your pens, there are some interesting finds relating to pens out there.  A few minutes in the post card bin at a flea market, estate sale, or antique store can turn up some interesting tidbits.

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