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No pen restoration here, just some small humor, but still on topic……

What does your Dad do? As a father of three, this is a question my kids have been asked and in turned asked me as they grow up. Being in the Financial Services Industry doesn’t get me a lot of invitations to Parent’s Day. That is usually reserved for Parents with more exciting jobs such as Pilots, Photographers, Artists, Writers, Police etc…. A few weeks ago one of my daughters (2nd Grade) was given an assignment where they had to write a story about their parent’s job. They were to include what the job entailed, what the parent wore, and what the workplace looks like. Apparently, my “real” job was not going to cut it and she decided to go out of the box and talk about what she perceives as my “other” job. Though only a hobby to me, she thinks otherwise….

Apologies to those restorers with nicer workshops than my “garage” looking workbench area.

Art Linkletter said it ~ Kids Say The Darndest Things…..


July 16, 2010 - Posted by | Just For Fun |

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  1. Phil:)
    It looks like you will finally get your Parent’s Day invitation! I bet with few “broken” pens, small “garage” and “fixing technology” presentation, you will win each child’s heart and curiosity 😉
    Anyway, Sarah did her job wonderful and you look very handsome in this yellow shirt :))


    Comment by Rka | July 20, 2010 | Reply

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