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Parker Duette Junior

This latest restoration is of a 1932-32 Parker Thrift Time Duette Junior.  I mentioned the Duette in my post of February 17, 2008 – Tres Moderne . That post covered a pen that is identical to this one, except it was made in Canada, and its imprint and nib reflect this.

This Duette Junior was a depression era pen that Parker sold for $3.00. It was produced at the same time that the Duofold Line was being produced, and was a lesser priced option during hard economic times.

The repair was standard for a button filler. Below is a picture of the pen after I have taken it apart.

The pressure bar is a two part original, but unfortunately the bottom has corroded and it is now too short for the pen and will have to be replaced.  As with the Moderne, the cap jewel is a gold screw-in that screws into the cap and sets the clip, which reads, PARKER.

The sac came out in almost one piece, which made for simpler cleaning of the barrel.


I polished the clip, nib, cap jewel with polish and a dremel and a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner.  I had to use a new pressure bar and trim about 1/8″ off the bottom to assure a proper fit in the barrel.  Remember to smooth the bottom of the bar to prevent it from cutting into the sac and destroying the filling system.  I used a size 16 sac in this pen.  I had first inserted an 18, but it was too tight in the barrel.

The section is friction fit, unlike its more expensive relatives, the Duofolds.


These are also referred to as Depression Era Pens, Thrift Time Pens, and School Pens. Produced in the 1932/33 time period, they were not advertised heavily and as I mentioned above, were sold for $3.00. There was also a slightly larger size produced.


Numerous colors and designs were produced. My collection is limited to these two black specimens.


Both of these have flexible Parker nibs. I have sampled one other from a fellow collector and it also had some flex to it. I am not sure if this is indicative of all of these pens, but it is a a nice alternative to many of the rigid Parker Duofold nibs of the time period.


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