Fountain Pen Restoration

Golden (Fountain Pen) Dreams

Gold pens are highly sought after, some more than others. Here are a couple of extreme examples. The first two pictures are of a Morrison 14K Gold Filled Flat top that measures 5 1/8″ capped. These are a nice pen to find (as well as other third tier makers) to satisfy the vintage gold need. The price can be very reasonable. I paid $26 for this pen. It did not look quite this good when I found it, but as with most vintage Morrison’s, the Warranted 14K #4 nib is a good one with a little flex and repairs are straightforward.


The filler is a standard j-bar and lever and I did need to replace the jbar as well as add a size 16 sac, as the barrel is quite narrow. One needs to be very careful when cleaning the exterior of these, as the gold is a gold plate and aggressive polishing will probably lead to a worn exterior. I did minimal cleaning of the exterior and the results are satisfactory. These pens seem to be quite plentiful in varying conditions and I would suggest waiting for one with a nicely preserved exterior. This design also came in a silver as well.


Just for comparison, below is a Parker Lucky Curve, probably dating to the early 1920s, in 14K Gold. Roughly the size of a Duofold Junior, it is stunning in all gold, including the section.


Both pens are vintage gold, and the bank doesn’t have to be broken to find a nice, restorable example.


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  1. You must be an expert vintage gold pen collector. I would like to own one vintage gold filled pen for a daily use but I am not sure about the price. I recently looked at a vintage CROSS fair quality gold filled ball pens on an ebay and its price was $65. Was this a fair price for a CROSS gold filled pen or was it a bargain price? Your advice and sugestion is GREATL APPRECIATED.

    Comment by Ry Sin | May 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. Dear Friend.
    I have two pieces old vintage fountain pens for sale including papers and box.
    I want to sell all but I have no ideas about prices …
    do you want to buy them for me? already pictures available
    advanced many thanks for your reply .

    Comment by celal | July 31, 2008 | Reply

  3. Dear Sir.

    I purchased at a show 2 ballpoint pens and to my surprise I was told they were solid 18 kt. gold, they have 2 hallmarks 1 showing the face of an eagle and the other shows a (star) a (P) an (L) and another star I did some homework and now I know that the eagle means it was made in Francebut I have no idea what the other hallmarks represent.
    Would you please help me.
    Best regards
    Jose Rodriguez

    Comment by Jose Rodriguez | March 9, 2009 | Reply

  4. Dear Sir,
    I have an old golden Morrison’s fountain pen just like this one, but only the cap and barrel. Where could I possibly find the missing parts ?
    Thank you.


    Comment by Peter Malissard | November 21, 2013 | Reply

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